PAC Elite Program

Our PAC Elite Program is also known as our Full Year Competitive Program. Our teams are typically made up of 8-35 athletes with a variety of skills and abilities.  We divide our teams by age, strengths, and positions to ensure overall success. Our routines are professionally choreographed and performed to music with 2 minutes and 30 seconds worth of stunting, tumbling, jumping, dancing, and creativity throughout. Our athletes train with us from June to April practicing twice per week for two hours.  Our teams compete regionally and nationally at 1 and 2 day events.  We take pride in providing a team for every athlete from beginners to elite.  Our PAC Elite program allows athletes to learn new skills, grow and bond as a team, share incredible experiences, understand the importance of sportsmanship, and create memories that will last a lifetime!


PAC Limited Program

Our PAC Limited Program is designed for those athletes who can not fully commit all year round. Our teams are typically made up of 8-30 athletes with a variety of skills and abilities. Our PAC Limited season begins in December and goes thru the end of May. Our teams are divided by age, position, and strengths to ensure overall success.  Our athletes train twice per week for 1.5 hours. Our routines are choreographed from a professional choreographer and performed to music.  Routines include stunting, tumbling, jumping, dancing, and creativity throughout.  Our PAC Limited teams will compete locally and regionally at 1 day events only.  We provide opportunity for beginner and experienced athletes. Our PAC Limited Program will allow our athletes to gain the All Star experience!


PAC Starz Cheerabilities

Our PAC Starz team is made up of athletes of all ages with varying types of strengths and abilities. Our goal is to give our PAC Starz athletes the all-star experience by teaching them all aspects of cheerleading including tumbling, stunting, jumping, and dancing, and incorporate these skills into a routine where they get the thrill of performing in front of a large crowd.  Our PAC Starz athletes win the hearts of our program and everyone that gets to watch them shine on the stage.  We are so proud of each and every one of them! We have open enrollment for our PAC Starz team. Contact us for information to have your athlete join our cheerabilities program!

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